Nearly all women deemed facts out of sexual welfare crucial that you address while in the a birth-control consultation

Nearly all women deemed facts out of sexual welfare crucial that you address while in the a birth-control consultation

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Introduction:Usage of birth-control consultations additionally the posts of these consultation services was crucial that you achieve a secure and you will satisfying sexual lifetime and you may winning reproduction whenever desired. The purpose of this study would be to check out the Norwegian ladies experience away from and you may feedback on the birth prevention consultation services.

Methods:I presented a mix-sectional research having a questionnaire distributed thru Myspace having 1917 participants of age ?fifteen years. Descriptive analyses were used.

Results:Few female found it hard to supply consultation services (5%). Across the all ages, ill effects have been the preferred question that ladies (69%) need info regarding the. Concern with ill-effects was also the most common reasoning considering (27%) to have staying away from hormones contraceptives. Among women aged twenty five–34 decades, 54% wished to understand additional readily available contraceptives. Partners female stated that this type of subjects is elevated. Just below half the ladies think it is appropriate observe a good midwife to possess birth prevention/sexual health services. Only 1-3rd realized one midwives is recommend and you may administer long-pretending reversible contraceptives (LARCs).

Conclusions:Female require contraception consultation services to include more information on ill effects and you may readily available hormones contraceptives. Female want to be inquired about their sexual health and wellness through the birth-control meetings. Female are generated conscious midwives also provide birth prevention qualities and additionally LARCs.


Reproductive health, sexual well-being together with access to contraceptives is closely linked. The fresh new Un (UN) says one to reproductive wellness means some body should be able to decide if whenever they would like to duplicate mein letzter Blogbeitrag, as well as have that its sex lifestyle can be as well as fulfilling 1 .

The fresh Un reports you to definitely nine% of married or in-union women internationally play with birth-control pills, 14% use intrauterine birth-control devices (IUDs), and you will 19% have confidence in female sterilization 2 . Short-name and you can reversible strategies be more common inside Africa and you may Europe, whereas enough time-pretending and permanent measures was popular from inside the Asia and North America dos .

Certainly one of women of fruitful age when you look at the Norway, 33% play with hormonal contraceptives or non-hormone IUDs step 3 . About half of these ladies are having fun with shared oral contraceptives (‘the latest pill’) 4 . The fresh the total amount of one’s use of crisis contraceptives such as for example ‘brand new day just after pill’ otherwise retrospect insertion from IUDs is not understood in Norway. Deals analytics having ‘the fresh new early morning immediately following pill’ indicate that it incorporate absolutely nothing for the full level of contraceptives used 5 . There are a number of non-hormones ways to limit the chances of maternity, like: hindrance actions, withdrawal means, nursing, and you can ‘secure period’ when you look at the period six . Transformation off hindrance gadgets commonly inserted and none is the entry to absolute family unit members believed actions, nor performed we discover upwards-to-time browse information regarding its use in Norway. The fresh Norwegian authorities, relative to most recent research, advises more feminine is explore Long-Pretending Reversible Contraceptives (LARCs) seven,8 . Brand new Pearl list, a collection proving the amount of unintended pregnancies while using one provided birth-control, try exhibiting one LARCs are the most effective choices to prevent pregnancies. The brand new index lies in just how many from 100 women consider during a year from each other normal and finest entry to a specific contraceptive. Imperfect play with was lowest if contraception is during situ, and never influenced by an individual using otherwise absorbing this new birth-control into constant menstruation. By way of example, dental contraceptives possess a good Pearl list as low as 0.step three which have finest have fun with, but as high as 8 which have normal fool around with. Compared, the hormonal IUD has got the exact same regular and primary have fun with index out of 0.step 1 9 .

Apart from the latest ‘morning just after pill’, the hormonal contraceptives are provided as a result of a birth-control session. Effortless access to a birth-control session is actually for this reason crucial and you may extremely important. One aspect of this appointment is for the seller to ensure there is absolutely no predisposition to have major however, uncommon side effects including just like the deep venous thrombosis, pulmonary thrombosis, myocardial infarction and you may cerebrovascular accidents 10 . Yet not, less big however, more prevalent ill-effects such as for example unexpected pregnancies due to terrible compliance, changed bleeding models, vaginal dry skin, mood change, effects into psychological state, change of libido etcetera. should also be talked about, because they carry higher characteristics towards women that must live with such effects inside their daily life 10 .




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